Should I Wear A Face Mask?

We aren't doctors or scientists here, just cutters, stitchers and regular folk trying to get through the COVID-19 epidemic like everyone else.  Just like you, we are reading all the new data coming out almost daily about what we should and should not do.  We take prevention very seriously as we do not want our workforce or their families to get sick so here are some of the preventive steps we take everyday to keep everyone safe:

  • We have five mandatory hand washing breaks throughout each shift,
  • We have informed our employees to stay home if they show any COVID-19 symptoms, such as, a fever, a cough, aches and/or shortness of breath,
  • Our employees all know they will be paid if they or a family member are sick so to please stay home and get better (and don't infect the rest of us!), 
  • We social distance by staying 6+ fee away from one another, 
  • We ask those who can work from home to stay at home
  • And WE ALL WEAR FACE MASKS so we can prevent the spread of our germs.

Should you be interested in wanting to learn more about whether you should or should not wear a face mask, here are some articles we found which you might find helpful: