About Us | Fall River Mask

We are a conglomerate of textile brands in one of the oldest mills in Fall River, Massachusetts responding to the high demand for face masks.   Our brands, The Pillow Collection, Loom Decor, DharmaCrafts, Jlife International and Cloth And Stitch, offer a set of diverse products with the common threads of fine fabrics, quality American craftsmanship and 100% focused e-commerce distribution.  As the threat of COVID-19 entered our lives, and in an effort to protect our own workforce and families, we developed a high quality face mask from our various stocked fabrics and materials.

We do not pretend to produce the kind of face masks designed to be used solely by our brave first-responders, such as the N95 masks, nor do we recommend our face masks be worn as the first line of defense against COVID-19.  However, our double-ply masks provide added protection against germs, allergens, pet hair and other airborne particles.  

While the quality, reusable masks you see on this web site are for sale, your purchase supports the distribution of free masks to healthcare organizations within our local Fall River and Massachusetts communities.   If you are a healthcare provider and in need of one of our face masks, please contact us directly.